It was the first time I worked with a Mexican couple, something that got me excited from the very start. I immediately suggested to Sam and Edwardo we should take full advantage of the entire day, by trying to photograph at as many as possible scenic locations of the island. We clicked from the very start and fun took off as we started photographing at some of the most famous parts of Mykonos town. We chose to start at the church of Panagia Paraportiani, a unique architectural marvel that was fromed naturally over time, as 5 churches were built on top of each other. The entire site was like a studio set, one that serves as a shrine to the minimal. The famous windmills were not far, but it took us quite a while to get there as the whitewashed alleyways were offering limitless photo opportunities, especially at this early part of the day when the massive crowds of tourists were still recovering from last night’s wild adventures. Then, we decided to head for the balcony with the most beautiful view ever, the one that belonged to Mykonos Blu Resort. The ultra friendly management kindly enough offered us the permission to use the facilities for as long as we wished, so we made sure we do! It was a perfect time for a coffee break too, so we took our time to enjoy the afternoon breeze coming from Psarou beach, as well as the epic view of this world class location for the rich and the famous. Right after, it was time to move to a more remote part of the island, a spot where the light is dreamy and the scenery one of its kind. Having lived in Mykonos for a while, that counts as one of the aces up my sleeve. There, Sam and Edwardo let their raw feelings come out, giving me the chance to capture some of their most beautiful pictures that reveal their beautiful relationship. After all it’s been quite a few hours into the shooting, so the ice between us has been broken a long time ago. It was a wrap right there, since I felt I have taken more than I wished for, but we couldn’t finish off this wonderful day without something special.. so we decided to eat dinner at Spilia where we would spend a few hours over amazing food and wine, talking about things that would establish a brand new friendship, exactly the way I love finishing off any project.