Santorini is one of those places than many wish to visit once in their lifetime. Only imagine how it will be like to marry your loved one there. Andrea and Damian just went ahead and did it in a spectacular way, and they weren't alone. 70 guests from the US, Jamaica and Hong Kong were all there to witness a unique event colored by Chinese traditions that were performed in great respect by all parts.

Thanks to the immaculate planning of Poema Weddings I got plenty of time to drive the couple to my favorite part of Santorini, the ancient village of Megalochori where we had a carefree photo session away from the crowds of this ultra busy Greek island.

We got back in time for the world famous sunset that served us as the signal for the party to begin... and what a party that was! Jamaica took over and lead the way to an unforgetable night with non stop awesome tunes and divine food at a perfect venue, the spectacular Thermes Luxury Villas.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime wedding on the stunning island of Santorini! Santorini is a highly sought-after destination that many dream of visiting, and for good reason. Picture yourself getting married to the love of your life in this breathtaking location. Andrea and Damian did just that, surrounded by 70 guests from the US, Jamaica, and Hong Kong who were there to witness this unique event. The wedding was imbued with Chinese traditions that were executed with great respect by all parties involved.

Thanks to the seamless planning by Poema Weddings, there was ample time to take the couple to Megalochori, an ancient village and the photographer's favorite part of Santorini. The photo session was free of the crowds that typically overrun this busy Greek island, allowing the couple to relax and enjoy the moment.

The celebration continued as the world-famous sunset signaled the start of the reception. Thermes Luxury Villas provided the perfect venue for an unforgettable party that followed. Jamaican music took over, and the night was filled with non-stop dancing, divine food, and good times had by all. Don't miss out on the chance to make your dreams a reality and have your own magical wedding on the beautiful island of Santorini.